Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Crib Bedding

Getting a baby crib may seem simple enough. However, before you proceed, think carefully about this item, as it is where your baby will spend most of his time. A crib needs to be comfortable, safe and durable. A few easy guidelines on crib bedding may help you to choose the right one.
Once you've decided on your budget, you need to ensure that the crib you buy meets the safety standards with a firm, snugly fitting mattress. It needs to be a faultless crib without cutouts or footboards and a short corner post. While fixed sides can be comfortable for taller parents or if the crib is to be used less frequently, drop sides - either on one side or on both -- are convenient to lift the baby out of the crib in a fairly big nursery.
 It is important to see that the mattress fits properly and that it is firm. A firm mattress, one that does not bend easily when squeezed, is best because it allows babies to lift their heads in case they turn over in the night. In the case of coil mattresses, the higher the number of coils, the firmer the mattress usually is. A multi-layered cover will last longer especially if it is vinyl or waterproof.
Anti-microbial covers are effective to keep the germs out. Don't crowd the child's sleeping space with toys or heavy blankets to cut out the risk of suffocation.
If you are afraid of your baby's feet sticking out of the crib then a crib bumper could be an option. However, experts advise against one unless it is a mesh crib-shield bumper because regular ones could reduce air circulation and pose a safety threat.

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